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The philosophy of kitsch


Kitsch is not ART. It is not an ART style. These two terms represent separate value systems.



In order to clearify what KITSCH is, and what it is not, we have created a list of dogmas to explain it simply.

  • KITSCH is never ironic.
  • KITSCH seeks intensity, not originality.
  • KITSCH is not about moralism, but morality – because it is built on humanism.
  • A KITSCH creator does not dictate nature, he studies it.
  • A KITSCH creator sees all masters as contemporary.
  • The goal is the immortal master work, not the sketch.
  • A KITSCH work shall be seen with the eyes, not with the ears.
  • High KITSCH exposes the clichèes of power.
  • Like a magician, the KITSCH creator shall not conquer the world, he shall only play with it.
  • When you try to make it better than when you first saw it - you are approaching high KITSCH.
  • KITSCH creator! You are allowed to take pride in your work.
  • Making something ”new” is for a KITSCH creator embarrassing, but as Aristotle says: a story can be good even though it is new.
  • If your foremost goal is originality, then you are no longer making KITSCH.
  • In KITSCH, all human beings are rendered with respect -  regardless of age and social status.
  • The KITSCH creator looks to the old masters not because they are old, but because they mastered something.
  • In a KITSCH composition, human beings shall have contact.
  • The goal is to approach the best of the old masters as closely as possible, especially the Greek hellenism (300 b.C – 100 A.D.) and the Baroque Renaissance (1500-1670).
  • A KITSCH creator seeks to develop his skill rather than give priority to the new.
  • A KITSCH creator is dissatisfied with his lack of knowledge.
  • For a KITSCH creator, the standard of ”development” is if he has reached the standard of previous masters. And even if they are surpassed, he will never loose respect.
  • The hellenistic idea of beauty is a dogma and not a religion. Because KITSCH is not built on religion (how one shall believe and feel) but skill, it is consequently dependant upon dogmas.
  • Sentimentality is positive (Rembrandt) – sentimentalism is negative (Bougereau). Sentimentalism is the enemy of  sentimentality because it harbors irony. A work cannot become sentimental enough – ”too much” is really too little. Ilja Repins ”Ivan the Terrible” is a sentimental painting.
  • The skill of the hand is the accompanying friend of the head.
  • Skill, not  ”honesty”.
  • Comparison is the only way to understand quality. Compare Picasso and Rembrandt: time is no excuse. ”Our time” and ”originality” are folklore, and a hindrance.
  • The longing to elaborate his own melancholy through handcraft is the quality of the KITSCH creator.
  • A KITSCH person has lived many times, he cannot betray his memory.
  • The intensity in the perception of nature makes it a magical common property.
  • There is a connection between you and the great works you admire.
  • You identify with those who did not follow the metaphysics of the time.
  • Painterly miracles give the most joy.
  • A KITSCH creator wishes to see substance illuminated, pure colors are but opaque darkness.
  • If you hold back out of concern for the demands of the time, then you are no longer making KITSCH.
  • KITSCH will always be in conflict with the university, the state and the bureaucracy – because it represents human vulnerability.
  • A good drawing without a natural rhythm is not a good drawing.
  • The KITSCH creator sees in suffering a local problem which is given a universal content.
  • The KITSCH creator goes into the cave to search for a little, dark flame.
  • In a KITSCH work the surface reveals everything, it is the only way to the undertext.
  • A KITSCH work always smells of sweat.
  • Time is incidental, quality is everything; time is nothing.
  • The KITSCH creator lives only for the master work.
  • KITSCH is humanity sensuality light





EGOCENTRISM - look at me

The creator wants to find himself and is obsessed with his own internal world. He is seeking originality.
He renders the world – worse than it really is.


GEOCENTRISM - look at what I can do

The creator sees the world around him, and is dictated by it as he imitates it. He is true to the time he lives in.
He renders the world – as it is.

HELIOCENTRISM - look at what I have revealed   

The creator sees the world, but exalts the imitation of it.
Time is no longer a problem. This stage can only be reached through the geocentric stage.
He renders the world – better than it really is.

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