World Wide Kitsch’s Seventh Online Painting Competition
By Bork S. Nerdrum

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The Quote:

In paradise there would be no kitsch. The eye of the theologian sees the soil of kitsch in the consequences of the original sin.

— Richard Egenter, philosopher

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To enter the contest you need to e-mail us your submission(s) to Please put “Competition” in the email’s subject and provide us details about your work, such as a title and image dimensions, as well as your name.

Those who reach the final round will be awarded a membership at

Entries are accepted 15th through 31st October.


  • The following categories are accepted: portrait, landscape and composition.
  • A composition requires two or more central figures involved in an action.
  • You can submit maximum 1 work per category.


Voting on facebook

The finalists, selected by the jury, are presented in a contest open to public voting on our facebohok page 5th November. You can vote by reacting. Voting ends November 15th at 8pm (CEST).

Three prizes will be awarded respectively to a landscape, a portrait and a composition, selected by the jury. The main prize will be awarded to the jury selection that receives the most votes by the public on facebook. Second and third place will follow accordingly.



Second and third prize: a copy of Kitsch More Than Art (2011) by Odd Nerdrum et al., the first edition of Sivilisasjonen magazine, VIP access to The Hunt of Odd Nerdrum + a signed movie poster.

1st prize: Including all the above rewards, the winner of the grand prize will receive the Kitsch medal locket and an invitation to do an interview with Jan-Ove Tuv at The Cave of Apelles. A certificate amounting to $350 will be provided to cover travel expenses.

All the winners will get in-depth interviews in Sivilisasjonen — in english and norwegian.


The Jury

Cheng Wu (left) is a chinese painter. Öde Nerdrum (middle) is a norwegian painter and son of Odd Nerdrum. Marjan Bakhtiarikish (right) is an Australian painter and won the WWK competition 2020.

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Bork S. Nerdrum