‘Timeless’ Kitsch Exhibition Calling for Submissions
By Bork S. Nerdrum

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The work of an artist who attempts lovingly to embrace reality, will ring false, will degenerate into kitsch.

— Karsten Harries, author

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IX Gallery is calling for submissions to the upcoming March 2019 – Kitsch Exhibition titled “Timeless”.
Enter your three best paintings for possible selection by e-mailing a photograph of your work to worldwidekitsch@gmail.com. Please put “Timeless” in the e-mails subject and provide details about your works, such as title and dimensions.
The jury will select 30 painters for the final exhibition.

All work must be submitted by December 7th 2018.

The 30 selected Kitsch Painters will be notified on December 21st  2018.

Selected painters will be showcased by IX Gallery in the upcoming March 2019 Kitsch Exhibition.

A virtual presentation of paintings at the IX Gallery.

What is IX Gallery?

IX Gallery, the internet-based gallery home dedicated to figurative painters in the realm of imaginative realism and kitsch archetypes, brings blue chip gallery curation to the web. The gallery features a rotating series of group and solo shows.

The goal and aim of IX Gallery is to help painters and collectors bridge the gap between individual kitsch painters’ direct sales and traditional, brick-and-mortar gallery shows. The gallery is operated by Jeannie and Patrick Wilshire who are the Directors of IX. The Kitsch exhibition will provide painters with an opportunity to enhance their outreach and sales abilities while, at the same time, providing collectors with an easily accessible venue that maintains the careful curation that marks the top tier physical galleries. This is a huge opportunity for Kitsch painters to offer their work to a much larger audience.


Poster for the exhibition.

Benefit to kitsch painters

The selected kitsch painters can participate in IX Gallery exhibition with ZERO financial risk, as they do not need to incur any unreimbursed shipping costs. In addition, works can be sold unframed if desired, as they do not need to be hung for display. The painter is not responsible for shipping work at their own risk, unlike a traditional gallery structure where the painter must absorb the risk of shipping work to the gallery for exhibition. There is no risk of improper packaging of work during the gallery return process, or shipment to buyers. Kitsch Painters keep 75% of the selling price, which reduces the need for pricing mark-up and keeps pricing competitive. Painters also benefit from group promotion and marketing that would be difficult and costly to replicate on an individual basis, with the ability to reach buyers both nationally and internationally in a wide range of markets. It produces an easier, less expensive, and lower hassle process for everyone involved.


The Kitsch Exhibition Jury

THE JURY: Öde S. Nerdrum, Jeremy Caniglia, and Luke Hillestad.

Öde S. Nerdrum (b. 1995) is a classical portrait painter and a self-taught pianist. In his mid-teens he was tutored by his father, Odd Nerdrum, the founder of the Kitsch Movement. In 2018, Öde appeared in the documentary-series The Hunt of Odd Nerdrum. He is currently working alongside Odd Nerdrum at his school in Norway and Sweden.

Jeremy Caniglia (b. 1970) is a kitsch painter living in Omaha, Nebraska. His work is represented and shown by Salmagundi and Last Rites in NYC, ABEND Gallery in Denver CO, Gallery 1516 in Omaha, NE, and Copro Gallery in Los Angeles. Caniglia continues to lecture, curate, paint, and teach as he advocates for figurative storytelling, the human condition and old-world techniques.

Luke Hillestad (b. 1982) is a kitsch painter in the tradition of the Ancient Greek painter Apelles. He is a student of Odd Nerdrum and lives in St Paul, Minnesota. His work aims towards the primal beauty of humans at their most noble, with narratives that revolve around archetypal themes.
Hillestad has recently exhibited with Paul Booth Gallery in N.Y. and Copro Gallery in Los Angeles.