Ana Sanchez

Member sinceAugust 15, 2019


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My role as an artist is to depict the multiple emotional dimensions of the human mind. I am interested in exploring the things that are often rejected, considered forbidden and macabre; I see beauty in ugly, broken, and imperfect things that most people often wish to overlook. I am constantly inspired by the natural cycles of life and death, the acceptance of transience and imperfection – as outlined in the Japanese tradition of Wabi-Sabi, and the beauty of chaos and grief. I aspire to create expressive and emotionally charged works by applying techniques of the old masters in drawings and paintings to connect with the universality of the human psyche in its emotional level. However, I seek an unusual representation of common subjects: hiding under blankets and veils, in the shadows, giving their back to the viewers, incomplete and decaying.

Favorite painter/sculptor:
Andrew Wyeth
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