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The Quote:

Salvador Dali has been called kitsch, but, although some of this work may be grotesque, its brazenly self-conscious bad taste saves it from being true kitsch, which always strives to please.

— Denis Dutton, philosopher

It is 10 years since the World Wide Kitsch community started. Now, in 2015, we relaunch the website with great improvements and a whole lot of new features.

All previous users must re-register an account and accept the updated terms and conditions, but in return, members will have more liberty and ability to shape their accounts.


Multiple images

You can now add three details or progress images to any work you upload.



Any member can now favorize other members’ works and compete through the new top list that will show the 15 most voted paintings or drawings!



Create events for your exhibitions or other happenings.
If you are wondering about the useability on the site, please visit the Help guide for information.

If you should wonder about kitsch, please visit this page to learn more about the expression, its history and philosophical background and its relationship to art.