The candidates

Kitsch selected by kitsch-painters

Kitsch needs great talent, Art needs great friends.
- Odd Nerdrum

Descent by Mahmood Hayat

Surprised by Javier Adams

Wings of Wisdom by Hari Lualhati

Strength I by Sampo Kaikkonen

The Offering by Carlos Lopez

Self-portrait by Nic Thurman

Devotion by Mark Belicario

Man with Pig Knife by Jesse Nickell

The Offering by Alex Rydlinski

Ruthless Innocence by Martijn C. Swart

Dusk by Monika Helgesen

Vanitas with Horse Skull by Cody LeVon

The Mirror of the World by Caique R. Polizeli

Couple in the Fog by Helene Knoop

The Secret by Andrea Esposito

The Bird Catcher by Ali Hammad

Mann med Snorer by Odin Borgen

Barden by Boris Koller

Fallen by Felipe Gaona

No Title by Massimo Tizzano

Portrait by Matea Borcic

Outlaw by Shaun Berke

The Alchemist’s Table by Jennifer M. Keller

Veterans by Hai Yang

Insider I by Milica Kostic

A Conjuror by Lance Richlin

The Sea has many Voices by Scott Breton

The Muse Sisters by Kexin Di

Dream by Grace Gao

Othello by Ali Saad

Katrina by Jonathan Hodge

Self-portrait with Coat by William Heimdal

Summer Portrait by Anne Herrero

The Wrong Way by Carlo A. Palumbo

Martyr by Rinus van Niekerk

Winter Portrait by Öde S. Nerdrum

Andando by Macarena Asensio

Sailboat Watching by Cees Penning


There are two categories in the WWK Annual Competition: People's Choice and Jury's Choice.
People's Choice Award will be decided as a selected group of paintings go up on our facebook page, where the submission that receives the most reactions before November 15th at 8am (CET) is declared the winner.


1st place in the People's Choice Award will receive a $350 certificate from VASARI Oil Colors. 1st place in the Jury's Choice Award will receive a $250 certificate for painting materials and a medal locket of the symbolic kitsch butterfly.
2nd and 3rd place will receive a $50 certificate each, for painting materials from Blick art materials.

The book Kitsch More Than Art (2011) by Odd Nerdrum et al. will be rewarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in Jury's Choice Award.

The Jury

Sebastian Salvo (left) won the Jury Choice Award in 2015 with his painting "Self Portrait with Dyspnea" and is a member of the Selection Committee at Li Dong (middle) won the Jury Choice Award in 2017 for his "Black Shadow." Luke Hillestad (right) is a member of the WWK Selection Committee.