The candidates

Kitsch selected by kitsch-painters

Kitsch needs great talent, Art needs great friends.
- Odd Nerdrum

The Autumn Leaves by Jiang Guofang

Washed-up by Gunnar Haslund

The Island by Luke Hillestad

Punk on Horseback by Qi Xing

Self Portrait with Insomnia by Rachel Personett

Swan Lake by Sampo Kaikkonen

Orpheus by Scott Breton

The Painter walks Blind in the Darkness by Sebastian Martinez

Sentinels by Robert Dale Williams

Self Portrait by Wang Long Sheng

The Innocent by Jeremy F. Bell

Odinn at Mímisbrunnr by Shaun Berke

Sofia by Tanya Kepic

Self Portrait at Age 33 by Thomas K. Conway

Self Portrait in Helsingborg by Trine Ravn Nilssen

White Bird by Xue Ming

Plateau Sunshine by Yang Hai

Homeward Journey by Yenan

The Girl with the Blue Scarf by Zhang Fei

The White Letter by Andrea Esposito

Susannah by Anne Herrero

Model by Bingyang Bai

Segla by Boris Koller

The Healer, Cy Peck Jr., the Raven by Brandon Kralik

Unknown with unknown title

Donum by Giulia Mugianesi

Sara by Brith Helén Krantz Wiik

George Arias by Bruno Passos

Quarto Rosa by Caique Polizeli

The Jester and the King by Carlo A. Palumbo

100 Get Our of Jail Free Cards by Carrie Williams

Gaias Hideout by Cathrine Bergsrud

Omnia Vanitas by Cody LeVon

Boy in Blanket by David M. Stallings

Alignment by Douglas Girard

Mixed Signals by Douglas Williamson

Wather by Elisabeth Gyllensten

Self Portrait by Eoin Kinsella

Self Portrait: Big Day in My Life by Guizi Gao

The Dreamcatcher by Hari Lualhati

Madonna of the Woods by Helene Knoop

The Huanghe River by Hui Wenjun

Autorretrato como Hermes by Javier Adams

Cherubs by Jennifer Keller

Blue Bottle by Jin Wenli

Figure by Juan Wang

The Fortune Teller by Keith Dixon

Self Portrait: a Painter’s Destination by Kexin Di

Obliging by Kristin Irén Dijkman

Thomas by Lana Svirejeva

The Follower is Given an Insight by Lance Richlin

Black Shadow by Li Dong

Untitled by Lidan

Portrait of S.F. by Ling Yun

Self Portrait by Macarena Asensio

Self Portrait by Macarena Larrain

Arguing Still by Mark Gleason

The Lost Flock by Martijn Caspar Swart

Historical Man by Martinho Isidro Correia

A Rembrandt Disciple by Massimo Tizzano

DaLawn by Matthew Lawrence Almy

The Hermitage by Michele Livrieri

Greed by Milica Kostić

My Secrets by Monika Helgesen

Mann med Snor by Odin Borgen

Bamboo and Plaster by Pan Wen Yan

Pesebre 5 by Paula Solis Burgos

Enucleation by Aditya Puthur

A Moment of Light by Aleksandar Velichkovski

Still Life with Dead Pig by Alex Rydlinski

Los Amigo, y el Domador by Alex Stevenson Diaz

St. Agathe by Alissa Birkeland

Young man with wings by Amélie Olivier


There are two categories in the WWK Annual Competition: People's Choice and Jury's Choice.
People's choice award will be decided as a selected group of paintings go up on our facebook page, where the submission that receives the most reactions within 14th November at 8am (CET) is declared the winner.
The winner will receive a $1000 gift card from Golden Paints.

Jury's choice award will receive a medal locket of the symbolic kitsch butterfly.

The Jury

Sebastian Salvo (left) won the jury's choice award in 2015 with his painting "Self Portrait with Dyspnea" and is a member of the selection committee at Boris Correa (middle) won the jury's choice award in 2016 for his "A Woman in the Shadows." Öde S. Nerdrum (right) is a member of the selection committee and he is the son of Odd Nerdrum.