Neuschwanstein Castle

The building was commissioned by King Ludwig II of Bayern in 1868 and completed after his death in 1892. It was designed by the architect – Eduard Riedel – and illustrated by the scenic painter – Christian Jank.

  • Inspired by Richard Wagner’s music.
  • One of the most visited castles in the world
  • Inspired Disney classics such as CinderellaSleeping Beauty and the Disneyland castle

Neuschwanstein or New Swanstone Castle has often been called a “King of Kitsch” and despite being a popular attraction for visitors – the castle continues to be ridiculed for its shameless grandeur – just as it was criticized by contemporary critics in the late 1800s.

…contemporary architecture critics derided Neuschwanstein, one of the last big palace building projects of the nineteenth century, as kitsch,…
– Wikipedia

View of the interior. (UIG/Getty Images)

“Here was architecture at its most operatic, or kitsch gone super-Gothic.”
– John Gimlette, author