Chateau Changyu

The Castle was built in the twentyfirst century and is located in Yantai, China. Changyu Pioneer Wine Company – the owner – is the oldest wine producer in China and are currently expanding their projects into a wine city – including many new structures in the New Gothic style. Each castle is supposedly inspired by a different European winemaking country.

I almost don’t care about how good the wine is, as soon as I see a fake French château, I think there’s something wrong. ‘Kitsch’ – Kitsch to its maximum vulgarity.
– Ma Yansong, architect

Of course – it is not “allowed” to build classical architecture in the 21st century – but as always – tourists and visitors love it.

Kitsch architectures like the european style Chateau Changyu, are among the most popular backgrounds of beijingers’ wedding shots. – Michele Galeotto, designer